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I am switching over to a new blog page” My makeup portfolio will still be up, and I am still a free-lance makeup artist. But I also want to start blogging more about everything. This new blog will be more of a lifestyle blog, with posts from travels, to food, to fashion, to whatever I find interesting and that I feel I must share with everyone.

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Friends & Family at Saks – 30% Off!

Wow. I think Saks is having a tough time these days because I’ve never seen their Friends & Family discount at 30% before. Usually 25%. 


Check out the sale. I wish they have Barbour for women online because I’m eyeing this jacket and could use a discount:


What’s in your Spring shopping list? Are you going to take advantage of this amazing 30% off deal?

Happy shopping!! 🙂

Gel Manicure – worth it?

This the extra cost for a gel manicure worth it ($30 vs $16)? I think so!

I don’t normally get or do my own manicure in gel form. But I had a very important meeting last week, and really needed my nails to last from the day I do my nails (Friday) until the days of the meeting (Tuesday and Wednesday). So, I went ahead and gave myself a gel manicure (as they were too busy to help me and helped myself to the products, as my sister is the manager there), using OPI gel products at Hairport.

Now, 8+ days later, after a week long of abuse, (paperwork, dishes, indoor rock climbing, and ripping through a really hard shell 2-lbs lobster), my nails are still looking as amazing as they did the first day I got them.

Gel nails or shellac are totally worth the money, as they last you at least two weeks (over the normal one week that a regular manicure gets you).

However, be forewarned that continuous gel/shellac manicures should be proceeded with caution, as these will dry out your nails. I would say for every two continuous gel/shellac manicures, opt for a regular manicure the next time. This way, your nails have time to breathe and heal and just be.

I don’t normally do gel on my nails. I only do it on special occasions.

Another great non-gel/shellac manicure would be to ask for the new vinyl polish from CND, a shellac company. They came out with a new vinyl polish that stays shiny for over a week, similar to gel/shellac, without the damage to your nails. And the cost of vinyl polish manicure is the same as a regular polish manicure. (At least it is at Hairport!)

Go out and try gel/shellac or vinyl manicure and let me know your thoughts!


TOMS Shoes

TOMS shoes are not something NEW. They’ve been around for awhile. I’ve heard of TOMS shoes when the company first started. Their motto is, “One for One.” You buy a pair of shoes, and they donate one to a child in need.

A while ago, I was at the Massachusetts Conference for Women, and one of the speakers was the founder of TOMS shoes, Blake Mycoskie. He told the crowd the story behind TOMS shoes. It was so touching. I was crying halfway through his story. I was very touched by his story. (My father used to tell me how my mom only had one pair of shoes to go to school with, when she was growing up in Cambodia.) It really hits home. And I really wanted to help out.

Since inception, TOMS Shoes has come out with more products than just shoes. They have sunglasses, if you buy them, TOMS donates money to help children with vision problems. They even sell coffee. (Which I’ve heard from friends that the coffee is good. I don’t drink coffee, so I wouldn’t know.)

Additionally, their shoes selections have increased. They even have wedges!!

Well, anyhow, my Converse are no longer comfortable for me. I needed to buy a pair of casual shoes. And I thought, “why not buy a pair of TOMS and do something good with a purchase for once?” So, I had to buy a pair of TOMS that aren’t just boring in color. (If you know me, you’d know I don’t get any basic color for shoes. Especially when they are just an ordinary style for everyday use.)

After browsing Nordstrom’s website for awhile, I found the perfect pair for me! A SILVER pair! Woo hoo!!!

They look even better in person. Really cute one! And to my surprise, they’re quite comfy! (In comparison to my Louboutin!)

I’m just waiting for the rain to stop so I can start wearing my new TOMS!!!

Do you own a pair of TOMS shoes? Would you buy a pair to help out a child in need?

Happy shopping!! 🙂


MIO Alpha Champion package has arrived!!

Finally!! After all this waiting, my MIO Alpha Champion is here!! The package contains:
– MIO Alpha watch/heart rate monitor on Indigo (purple)
– MIO Alpha shirt
– MIO Alpha arm sleeves
– MIO Alpha water bottle
– MIO Alpha stickers

I took the new toy out for a spin at the gym last night. It was quite accurate and comfortable to wear!

Unfortunately, I did not download the MIO Go app, which is helpful with calories count, as the watch does not show it on there.

Just downloaded the app today though, and will try to out tomorrow, on my cardio day at the gym.

Can’t wait!!

Want to get one at a discount? Email me!


My Recent Facial at SoundShapes (North End, Boston)

My skin has been so strange lately. I’ve noticed some dry patches, even though it’s summer and the weather has been quite humid. I was offered a complimentary facial at SoundShapes, and I never turn down free beauty services by reputable people/places, so I went for one earlier this week.

Ashleigh worked on me, and she explained to me that the dry patches are probably due to stress. Surprise, surprise! Why didn’t I think of that? I was busy with work and my Chinese Tea Ceremony/engagement party this past weekend. And Hurricane Arthur blowing through Boston on the date of my party (4th of July) did not help the situation! (I ended up having to move the party to the next day, and had to notify everyone attending of the changes. But that’s another story). Bottom line: Dry patches, skin reactions, are from stress.

We did a basic facial (cleansing, massage, extraction, etc.). But Ashleigh also did an enzyme peel. It sounds terrifying, right? “PEEL” But it wasn’t at all. Your skin has 4 layers, and the enzyme peel only takes off the top layer of your skin, which is where the dry, dead skin is. A chemical peel would take away more layers of your skin than the enzyme peel. For more details on chemical peels, refer to this WebMD link.

At SoundShapes, they use products by PCA, which can only be sold by and purchased at authorized/certified dealers and spas. Ashleigh used PCA’s pumpkin enzyme peel. It smells amazing. I just wanted to eat it. It’s basically a mask that is applied all over the face, and the feeling was a tingling sensation. It wasn’t painful at all. After a few minutes, the product is removed from the face with a warm, damp towel. There was no “peeling” associated with the product. Not like the masks I used when I was in middle school and high school, where you apply it and then once it dries, it becomes plastic-like, and you lift and peel it off your face. (That was FUN!).

I did not have any issues post peel. My skin feels super smooth, and was glowing from the awesome facial.

Ashleigh also gave me some products to try (cleanser, toner, moisturizer with SPF). And she recommended that I should start thinking about a chemical peel leading up to my wedding. She’s getting married really soon, and will be giving herself a peel.  After reading about the various chemical peels on the WebMD link, I think the one she’s recommending is more on the “mild” side of the chemical peels out there. It’s more just glycolic acid based product. I will check with her and blog more about that later. It’s not completely out of the question for me to try it, especially if it’s on the milder side of the chemical peels.

Whenever I hear of “chemical peels,” I think back to “Sex and the City” when Samantha got a chemical peel before an event and ended up covering her face with a veil. I don’t want to end up like THAT.

I might want to try the peel after summer’s over, so it can remove all the dead skin from the summer sun.

If any of you have had chemical peels done before, let me know your thoughts on them!




Mio Champion!

I have been looking for a watch and heart rate monitor, all in one, without the need for chest strap, for awhile now. And my uncle turned me onto the Mio Alpha watch.

My uncle is a triathlete and has his own group that he trains and trains with. He recently became a Mio Champion through their trainer program. And posted a picture of his new Mio Alpha watch and heart rate monitor. When I saw it, I quickly asked him if requires a chest strap, most of them do. He said no. And informed me of the program, so I reached out to Mio and was given an application for the champion program.

I really wanted to try out the chest-strap-less watch! I had a Polar watch and heart rate monitor, and had to stop using after my adventure race at Sugarloaf last June (Untamed New England). I was so uncomfortable. I wanted to track my heart rate throughout the race. But halfway through the race, with the heat and just the feeling of confinement, I had to take the strap off. My chest was itchy from the strap, and was all red after I took it off. I never wanted to touch that strap again.

With my wedding coming up in December, I want to train and be in top shape for it. To maximize every workout session that I do.

And in addition to the fact that I want to get back into running and doing more races, and train myself with the correct equipment, so I wouldn’t hurt myself.

When I was notified that I’m officially a Mio Champion, I was ecstatic. I can’t wait for my Mio Champion package with all my goodies to play with and represent!!

Stay tuned for more updates on the Mio Alpha watch and heart rate monitor!! 🙂

Nordstrom Designer Sale Happening NOW!!

I just got an email from Nordstrom this evening, informing me of their Designer Sale. Designers like Herve Leger, Elizabeth & James, Burberry, Jimmy Choo, Prada, etc. Up to 40% off! Check it out for yourself!

With my wedding coming up, I have been looking for a rehearsal dinner dress. Something different, not your typical boring white or off-white dress. I had my eyes set on a Herve Leger dress, and now that it’s on sale, I BOUGHT IT!!!!! Can’t disclose my complete outfit until after my wedding.

Stop reading this and go to Nordstrom’s site and see if they have anything you want!!! And let me know what you get!

Happy shopping!!!!! 🙂

Spray Tan – Worth It or Not?

I recently had  my engagement pictures taken. And before the photo session, I overheard some clients at Hairport talk about a local spray tan place.  And I thought to myself, “it’d would be a good idea to look somewhat tan for the pictures.” This winter has been miserable, and I haven’t had any sun. So, the thought of looking like I got some sun, and not ghostly pale, was quite appealing to me. And I wanted to look awesome for my engagement photos!

So, I went for it… I made an appointment to get spray tan!And it’s not the kind with the booth that you go into and the machine sprays on you. It’s much better than that, at Natural Glow, the ladies there spray the tanning stuff on you. You get airbrushed by someone. So, you wouldn’t get the Ross from “Friends” incident, where he was being “Ross” and was neurotic with his counts, and kept getting sprayed in the front by the machine FOUR TIMES! (Still one of my favorite “Friends” episodes!). Yeah – I didn’t want THAT to happen to me. So, the whole idea of having someone spraying me, instead of a machine, was fantastic!

It was a bit strange to stand there, partially naked, while another person is spraying you. (You can get sprayed with all your under garments on, or completely off, or whatever way you want to have your tan lines look). The only times I’ve never been so exposed is when I go to my doctor for my annual visit! At least it’s another woman and not a man. THAT would be WAY creepy.

There are two lovely ladies who work at Natural Glow on Commercial Street in the North End. Both are named “Sara” and “Sarah.” I had Sarah. She was awesome. Super friendly. And extremely helpful.

I went in on a Monday, told her I was getting the spray tan for my engagement photo session on Saturday. She was worried that the tan would be somewhat faded by then. She worked with me. She sprayed me, and told me I could go back later in the week (Thursday or Friday) for a “touch up” session. So, I went to her on Thursday, and she did the touch up, FOR FREE! That was very nice out her.

The entire spray session takes about 5 minutes. I stood up, moved around, make funny poses that she asked me to make, as she sprays me. When she’s done, she leaves the room, and I just stood by a couple of fans to dry off for about a minute. Then, I put my clothes back on and went on my way.

What you need to know before you go spray tanning:

1. That stuff needs to dry for 8 hours before you can shower or wash your face – so go late in the day

2. Get your nails done before going – the nail polish remover will remove the spray tan from your nails

3. Wear loose-fitting clothes when you go there – so the tan is even on you when you leave with your clothes on

4. Shave / wax before going, or the tan will come off with the wax

5. Don’t go there directly after the gym/shower. Your pores will be open right after you shower. So, wait at least 30 minutes before going.

PRO’s about spray tan:

1. Safety – Looking tan without the risk of skin cancer or sun damage

2. Instant tan

3. You choose how light/dark you want

CON’s about spray tan:

1. The dye does get on your clothes (washes off the clothes though)

2. Uneven fading

3. Can’t exfoliate skin without ruining tan

All-in-all, I think it’s worth it. I would do this again for special occasions, like how I would get lash extensions for special occasions. It’s just too much maintenance to do it on a regular basis. But that’s me. I like to be more simple, if I could help it.

You can try it out and judge for yourself – is it worth the money?

Here are some pictures from my engagement photo session, by my wonderful uncle, Quang Le, along the Charles River with the cherry blossoms. You can see how nice the spray tan looks on me, and the makeup by yours truly.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My dress was from Loft, Embroidered Bodice Dress. Bought it specifically for this occasion, and it was 50% off (score!). Shoes were Stuart Weitzman wedges from a few seasons ago (bought from Ruelala, also at a discount). Purse is Louis Vuitton Tovili PM, bought years ago when I last went to Paris (Oh, how I miss Paris!), and it was less than half the price it is now! Trench coat is Burberry Buckingham Trench, bought from Nordstrom awhile ago. Makeup products were all Bobbi Brown products.

Get You Body Ready For Spring From Head To Toes

I know it doesn’t even FEEL like spring here in New England yet! Mother Nature played a cruel joke on us with that ONE 70 degrees day a couple of weeks ago. But nonetheless, we must get our body ready for spring. If Mother Nature wants to delay our Spring, we will make sure we are ready for it when it comes.

I’m not sure about all of you, but my skin has been extra dry lately. Maybe it’s due to the change of the season. My hair feels dry as well.

So, today, I decided to give my hair, face, and body a little session of TLC they’ve been needing. Something like a “spring cleaning” for my hair and body (skin). Maybe you should try the same!

First, I stock my shower with the following products:

Step 1: HAIR

I first shampoo my hair, then apply the hair mask onto my hair, twisted my hair into a bun and secured it in place with a hair clip. (Hair masks should stay on hair for at least 5 minutes). The heat and humidity in the steamy shower will help activate the hair mask.


And, I wash my body with my normal body wash.

Step 3: FACE

I squeezed about a dime-size of the Lathering Tube Soap onto the palm of my hand, and pour the Buffing Grains for the Face on top of the Lathering Tube Soap. Rubbed my hands together to mix the two products together and a good lather on the soap, and start scrubbing my face with it. I did 30 seconds per cheek, and 30 seconds (each) for the forehead and chin. Then, rinse that stuff of my face.


Using the St. Ives scrub, I start working from my shoulders to my arms and down the rest of my body.


Take the hair out of the bun and wash all the mask and other stuff off your body


For my face, I first use my toner (Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Tonic) and then my new Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisture Cream. The Kiehl’s Ultra Cream wasn’t working for me anymore.

For my body, I used Alba’s Kukui nut oil, which I found at Whole Foods. It smells really nice and isn’t too greasy. Make sure you massage the oil onto your body, so it gets really absorbed into the body. And I usually let it settle for a few minutes before putting on my clothes.

You can use any scrub you want on your face and body. I these products work for me, so I’m sticking to them. And St. Ives’ scrub is inexpensive and you need a lot of it for the body. It’s a win-win for me.

Your skin will have a beautiful natural glow from face to body, and your hair will be smooth, shiny, and moisturized.

Try giving your body a head-to-toes TLC and let me know what you think!

It’s always nice to scrub dead skin off your body and give it a little rejuvenation. Trust me, your body will thank you for it! Like snakes that shed their skin once in a while, we should do the same.

And always remember – dry skin = wrinkles. So, keep moisturizing!!!!

Happy Spring! 🙂